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Frequently Asked Questions

HVAC systems do a lot of work throughout the years with little to no downtime. This is why calling in an HVAC expert such as Air Essentials is crucial to maintaining the life of your HVAC unit. We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you better understand your heating and cooling system.

How Often Should My HVAC Be Serviced?
You should have your HVAC system serviced at least twice a year—spring and fall. This will ensure everything is running smoothly and your home or business will stay warm in cooler months and cool in warmer months.
Do You Offer Financing?
Yes. We want all our customers to be able to afford properly working HVAC units, so we offer online financing options. Visit our financing page to learn more.
What Size Unit Do I Need?
This can be determined by a multitude of factors, but ultimately will come down to the size of your home or business, insulation type, and frequency of use. A system that’s too large could result in moisture and mold issues, while a system that’s too small can quickly run up your energy bill. Our experts will be able to assist you in deciding which unit best suits your needs.
How Can I Extend the Life of My HVAC?
There are many different ways to extend the life of your HVAC unit. Turning the thermostat up or down as needed will reduce use when you’re not home, changing the air filters will help prevent clogs, and scheduling regular maintenance calls will help you avoid any potential problems.
What Are the Most Common Heating & Cooling Problems?
Common issues can include:
  • Poor-quality airflow
  • Water damage
  • Irregular cycles
  • Odd noises
  • Insufficient heating and cooling
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