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Cooling Repair & Maintenance
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Cooling Repair & Maintenance in Glendale, AZ

Keep Cool with Air Essentials

There’s nothing worse than having your air conditioning unit call it quits in the middle of a summer heatwave. Not only does it make it uncomfortable to live in humid and stale air conditions, getting work done in an office can become unbearable and cause distractions.

At Air Essentials, we’ll keep you cool all summer long by keeping your A/C maintained and repaired. We’re able to source parts, install new components, and suggest a maintenance schedule to ensure that your air conditioning is here to run for months to come. In order to run a successful business and live comfortably, it’s important to have an A/C unit equipped to handle even the harshest of temperatures.

Year Round Cooling Repair & Maintenance

Air Essentials is dedicated to keeping you cool and your home or business running smoothly. We have a large experienced, highly trained staff to fix, maintain, and replace your A/C unit to keep you comfortable. From broken compressors to tripped circuit breakers, we’re able to identify the problem and fix it quickly and efficiently.

Our team takes your comfort seriously and wants to ensure your commercial space and home are well taken care of. We’ll walk you through our process, keeping you informed from the very beginning, and explain a list of maintenance tasks you can perform at home to keep your A/C running properly.

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How long will my cooling unit last?
Air conditioners can last anywhere from 15 to 20 years depending on the amount of use they receive and how old they are. The efficiency of your A/C depends on how often you maintain the unit throughout its lifespan. This is why we recommend scheduling regular maintenance appointments with our experts to keep your unit in working order.
How do I know if my A/C unit requires maintenance?
A/C units have a tendency of letting us know when they require maintenance. If you’re experiencing frequent breakdowns, an influx of air, higher than normal energy bills, or strange noises, it is time to call in the professionals.
When should I schedule a maintenance call?
We suggest having your A/C inspected at least twice a year—once toward the end of summer and once in the fall. This will allow for proper maintenance to be made from the use during the hottest months while also setting you up for success in the winter.
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